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NYAIP Producer Application Submission System (PASS)
Terms of Service
You have accessed the New York Automobile Plan (NYAIP) Online System. This system is available for producers licensed in the State of New York and certified with the NYAIP to electronically produce barcoded temporary insurance ID cards and/or to utilize PASS to bind and submit to the Plan NYAIP Private Passenger/Motorcycle applications.
Producers who use the system must follow the instructions given in PASS general information, as well as the rules of the NYAIP Plan Manual. Please note that in order to successfully access the system, you must first register for the system, and then submit a test application and test ID card.
While all types of commercial and private passenger temporary ID cards can be created using the NYAIP Online System, commercial or business applications cannot be processed through the system.
If you have any questions regarding these terms of use, or any part of this system, please contact NYAIP Online System Customer Service.