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NYAIP Producer Application Submission System (PASS)
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Important Announcements:
Beginning November 24, 2013, you will see changes in the Endorsement facility. There will be a new ID Card process that replaces the former Standalone ID Card facility, and a new process for creating electronic policy change requests for pre-PASS assignments. To view videos describing these changes, click on the new links below under How To Video Demos.
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How To Video Demos:
If you want to preview the process or get help with a specific task, use the video tutorials below:
  • PASS to EASi: [click here] to see a video describing the changes and new features of the upgraded private passenger screens that took effect on May 13, 2013.
  • New Certifications: [click here] to see a video demonstration of the registration process for newly certified producers in PASS. PDF [click here].
  • Managing User Login Accounts: [click here] to see a demonstration on how to manage your staff logins. PDF [click here]
  • New ID Card Facility: [click here] to see a video describing enhancements to the ID Card process. (formerly Standalone ID Card Facility)
  • New Policy change requests for pre-PASS assignments: [click here] to see a video describing how to create an electronic policy change request for a pre-PASS assignment.
The New York Automobile Insurance Plan (NYAIP) Online System is available to producers licensed in the State of New York and certified with the NYAIP.
This facility allows a producer to utilize PASS to bind and submit all NYAIP applications and policy change requests and to electronically produce barcoded temporary insurance ID cards.